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MicroDrupal is a new generation web factory based on Drupal 8 that allows you to create and manage a wide range of websites as simply as simple pages.

Take advantage of Drupal's power to design all types of custom sites, add them to your ready-made site portfolio, and publish them simply and quickly with MicroDrupal without the need for specialized profiles.


Is the deadline for online publication an important criterion for you? Your website is available in a few seconds. All you have to do is write your content, upload your images, and publish your website so that it is immediately visible.


Publish all the sites you need, for an ephemeral or longer period of time, at no additional cost or a maintenance cost that can track the number of your sites exponentially. Control your budget allocated to your Internet presence.


You have all the power of Drupal 8 to design your site types, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. You can create as many types of websites as you need according to your needs and your business.


Because you want to control the security of your websites. Whether it is for the continuity or integrity of your Internet presence, or simply for your brand image. Support on Drupal, a solution for which security is not a vague concept.


Control the appearance, or appearances, of your websites in a simple and unified way. You can customize the look & feel of your sites, while keeping common elements inseparable from your digital presence.


Drupal is an open source solution that guarantees you complete control over your websites. You are not locked into a proprietary or opaque system. On the contrary, the whole range of possibilities remains at your fingertips.

MicroDrupal is the solution to ensure that your web factory does not turn into a gas plant.

They all say that, do you think? 

MicroDrupal aims to industrialize the production and maintenance of websites using a content-centric approach. Of course, there are some constraints to this approach. There is no magic and universal solution (at least not yet), and MicroDrupal does not want to claim to be one.

But if you could cover 90% of your needs with an all-in-one solution that is solid, robust, accessible and economical?

The advantages of MicroDrupal

MicroDrupal meets the needs of your business while integrating the constraints of your organization.

Reconciling communication with the information system is just a side effect.

The interests of a web factory have long been understood by companies with an extensive Internet presence:

  • Quick to set up
  • Reduction of design costs
  • Pooling and economies of scale
  • Simplified maintenance

MicroDrupal allows you to go even further, and to push these advantages further, while drastically reducing some small inconveniences (those that we never talk about right away but that you have already discovered, confronted with reality). 

  • The generation / instantiation of a new site no longer requires a build or other more or less heavy and/or automated operation.
  • Share content between sites in the web factory without effort.
  • Maintenance is reduced to a single instance of Drupal, regardless of the number of sites powered.
  • Have a centralized user account database natively, without additional investment.



Why use MicroDrupal?

MicroDrupal allows you to create and manage your websites, however many they may be, as simply as publishing a simple blog post. Really.

MicroDrupal is a solution that can be used as a stand-alone solution, or fully integrated into your institutional site.

MicroDrupal is an open source solution based on Drupal 8, and as such benefits from all the power and modularity of Drupal while remaining simple.

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